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Economic policy, Statistics and Evaluation

Social policy

Mrs Christel Moons
Health policy

Recent studies done by CESEP :

1- Exploring the synergy between promoting active participation in work and in society and social, health and long-term care
strategies (in collaboration with BBJ Consult AG) for the European Commission. 2007-2008

2- Econometric analysis of Labour Force Survey and EU-SILC data (in collaboration with Applica)
for the European Commission, 2006.

3- “Implications of demographic ageing in the enlarged EU in the domains of quality of life for the European Commission, 2005.

4- “Literature review on the Redistributive effects of Pension Systems” for the European Commission, 2006.

5- “Illness, Disability and Inclusion in Europe” for the European Foundation for the Improvement of Living and Working
Conditions, 2003.

6- “Feasibility study: Elaboration of comparable statistics on dependent persons in the EU”, for EUROSTAT, 2003.

7- Evaluations of applications for funding for the European Commission for the European Commission, 2003 – 2006.


8- Participation in the Leonardo project ‘Berufsbildungswerk Bigge’, 2002 – 2006

9- Participation in the project NASCENT (Network Against Social Exclusion – New Tasks) Project coordinated by BBJ Consult
AG, 2000.

Contribution on the EURYDICE REPORT for the Flemish Ministry of Education;, 2003

11- Compilation of the disability statistical data coming from the administrative registers of the Member States, in collaboration
with Applica for the European Commission, 2006-2007.

Elaboration of several reports for European organisations on the implementation of European Resolutions and

13- Elaboration of Eurostat publications

14- Assistance to the European Commission for the management of EU programmes

15- Evaluations done for the European Commission:

o Evaluation of applications for funding under the call for proposals for transnational exchange projects on social inclusion.
o Evaluation of Innovative measures under Article 6 of the European Social Fund Regulation.
o Evaluation of applications for funding under the call for proposals for “ENEA pilot project on mobility of elderly people”.

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